31.05.2024  activity monitors and DMA bus visualisation

  • when 'activity monitors' setting is enabled, it will show the Amiga chipset activity (e.g. workload of copper or blitter coprocessors)
  • tap on a specific monitor adds more detailed DMA bus activity visualisation for a specific Amiga chip (aka dma debugger)
  • tap again and dma channel visualisation on that particular DMA channel is turned off
  • coming soon: splitted read / write CPU workload monitors for various memory types
  • added pencil support: the app is now usable with a pencil (e.g. Apple Pencil)

13.05.2024  iOS / iPadOS - reconnect audio device after longer suspension

  • after reviving from longer app background suspension AudioContext got stuck on resuming and reported "Failed to start the audio device"
    when this happens we now close the broken AudioContext and create a new one, which brings audio back :-)

12.02.2024  vAmigaWeb v2.6, improved file usage

  • imports previously unmountable files on a disk (DD/HD 880KB/1.76MB), e.g. single files such as demo.lha (watch), todos.txt, space_ship.iff, blitter_force.asm
  • extended ADF files are recognized by header bytes regardless of its file extension
  • select files from folders inside a zip file, improved zip file support
  • upgraded to most recent vAmigaCore v2.6 for increased machine compatibility

18.01.2024  key stroke sounds, vibration and transparency for the new keyboard

  • adjustable key stroke feedback sounds (different sounds for different types of keys)
  • optional key stroke vibration feedback (on devices that support vibration API)
  • adjustable transparency of the keyboard when using the host device in landscape, so that you can see the whole Amiga screen even if the virtual keyboard is on top of it

03.01.2024  reworked virtual keyboard, improved xbox controller analogue sticks

the virtual keyboard has been restyled and technically reworked. It is now css grid based which allows for automatic scaling on different screen sizes. Besides a scaling factor the user can now add a margin to the bottom. This is especially useful to not let the keyboard interfere with the home indicator (this is is the thin bar that sits at the bottom of the iPhone screen).

all analogue sticks on a external controller should be recognized and work properly now. Tested with wireless xbox controller on iPad.

12.09.2023  covers iPhone notch and dynamic island, redesigned virtual joystick and keyboard mappings

the screen space around the notch and the dynamic island on modern iPhones is perfectly usable now.

redesigned the virtual touch joystick with various different selectable types and a configurable deadzone.

define your own custom key board mappings even for non Amiga keys
e.g. Meta+S => save snapshot, Meta+R => restore snapshot, Alt+J => swap joystick ports

31.07.2023   wake lock and fullscreen feature

added a setting to prevent dimming or auto off on supported browsers... very useful for viewing demos

added a fullscreen button to the menu bar on supported browsers

09.07.2023  increased .adf compatibility, borderless bug fix

  • more ADF files are recognized now

  • when going borderless one vertical pixel was missing when it was an odd number of pixel lines. We fixed that.

  • 12.03.2023  support for real BT / USB mouse on iPadOS

    despite the built in basic mouse support in iPadOS, Apple decided not to implement the pointerlock API which provides raw movements of the mouse.

    A fallback detection has been built into vAmigaWeb to nevertheless please the user experience.

    When you select mouse … it will now detect the abscence of the pointerlock API and therefore it will activate the fallback implementation… which works quite satisfying for us

    05.03.2023  support for iPadPro ProMotion display and iOS16 bugfixes

    • iPadPro ProMotion displays with variable refresh rates were capped to 30fps (this was due to a bug in safaris webgl API), completely removed sdl2 API for this bug and implemented native webgl2 rendering code which lets these displays now run PAL at 50Hz or NTSC at 60Hz
    • iPadOS/iOS 16 specific bugfixes for audio demuting and port1/2 selection listbox ...
    • fixed sound leaking when running in a hidden firefox tab

    07.01.2023  vAmigaWeb v2.3

    fixed a bug when system muted the audio while app was being longer suspended in background, now resuming audio context on any user action

    upgraded to the release version of vAmigaCore 2.3 which

    • fixed a bug that causes the GPU pipeline to occasionally update the wrong texture in interlace mode
    • fixed a bug that caused the CPU to crash on address error double-faults
    • improves emulation of mechanical floppy drive delays

    27.12.2022  vAmigaWeb v2.3 b1

    can operate 4 floppy drives and 4 hard disks simultaneously i.e. df0-df3, dh0-dh3 for a classic professional amiga workstation environment

    supports extended ADF file format (thanks to mras0)

    upgraded to latest vAmigaCore (including all bugfixes thanks to dirkwhoffmann)

    12.11.2022  vAmigaWeb v2.2 b1

    support for Amiga three button game controller can be selected in the settings. All usual input methods do support this. (including external game pads, touch joystick and keyboard joystick emulation)

    20% to 40% more efficiency, minimum browser requirements are now Chrome95, FF100, Safari15.2 (linktime optimization, using webassembly native exceptions and non trapping fptoint, these are new wasm features made for efficiency which require recent browsers)

    support for 68030 CPU has been removed because the MMU project has been put on hold
    (use 68020 instead, v3.0b1 has been canceled and major version is reverted back to 2)

    24.09.2022  vAmigaWeb v3.0 beta1

    supports 68000, 68010, 68020 and 68030 CPUs.
    (with this kickstart roms which need at least a 68020 are working now e.g. kickstart 3.1 for A1200)

    runs now also in a private / incognito browser window
    (be aware that browser does not permit any saving in this case)

    various performance tweaks
    (reduced logging and separation of big computational blocks into smaller execution units on the main thread to get better "cooperative" multitasking escpecially when amiga overclocking is in use)

    04.08.2022  vAmigaWeb v2.1 beta5

    supports parallel installation of different versions of vAmigaCore
    from now on old snapshots can be run by switching back to an older installed version of vAmigaCore

    updated to latest vAmigaCore version v2.1.beta5

    supports ECS denise (SuperHires modes)

    improved memory managment ... support for hdfs with a size of 256Mb (e.g. classic_wb project)

    introduced df0/dh0 eject buttons

    fixed a severe bug where vAmigaWeb stopped accepting any adf or hdf file

    09.06.2022  vAmigaWeb v2.1 beta2

    CPU overclocking up to 100Mhz (great for legendary titles like frontier/elite2 or fa-18 interceptor)

    PAL/NTSC hot switching (pixel ratio and 50/60 Hz chipset system speed)

    floppy drive and hard drive sounds and track display in the HUD

    completely reworked display sizes for overscan games like "the settlers"

    various bugfixes e.g. memory leaks, pixel precision and more

    and last but not least all improvments of vAmigaCore version v2.1.beta2

    12.05.2022  vAmigaWeb v2.0

    vAmigaCore has been updated to final version v2.0

    various reported issues (via github thanks for reporting) have been resolved in this version, most notably these are:

    the virtual keyboard forwards now the exact duration of a key press to the Amiga (before duration was a fixed value of 100ms) ... thanks to this games which rely on long keyboard presses like flight simulation "F/A18 Interceptor" do work now using solely the virtual keyboard ... the duration of the key press is animated with a nice background white LED glow effect

    technically spoken the virtual keyboard has been freed from default gestures which were often conflicting (e.g. text selection, drag and drop, context menu popup gesture)

    on touch screens the virtual keyboard has got the following three different touch implementations which can be selected in the settings dialog.

    exact timing autorepeat and simultaneous keycap presses (disables default scroll gestures on keycaps, scroll gesture possible only on gaps around the keys)
    smartphone like native scroll gestures on keycaps (press starts after finger is lifted from keycap for a duration of 100ms)
    mix of both tries to mix both worlds... i.e. exact timing and simultaneous presses but also scrolls keyboard when swiping the finger on keycaps. disadvantage: also does a keypress when only scrolling was intended

    25.04.2022  vAmigaWeb v2.0 Beta 4

    vAmigaCore has been updated to latest beta4

    regarding the automatic detection of the display area there is now a new borderless strategy available:

    the already existing auto strategy was renamed to viewport tracking: in fact what it does is to set the visible area to exactly the viewport coordinates which the amiga hardware was set to by the current running amiga software or game. Often amiga game designers opened a very large viewport but only were drawing to a much smaller area which resulted despite the enabled automatic viewport tracking into a screen with lot space wasted for borders. E.g. Monkey Island series, and others…

    to get also rid of these „inner viewport“ borders the new borderless strategy has been implemented:
    it examines the screen buffer every 500ms and tries to detect borders by analysing the pixels of the current amiga screen from the edges onwards... it consequently cuts off all same color pixels … when it detects some bigger larger screens (during the calibration process) then it will retain these larger screen sizes ... until the game or software sets other viewport sizes in amiga hardware ... in other words it always looks for the largest drawn picture on the screen and will stick to this largest display area size ... resulting after a couple of seconds in an optimal screen size for devices with smaller screens (e.g. phones or small tablets)

    a bug concerning diskswap delay which prevented some games from detecting diskschange has been fixed

    on android devices the top status bar and the bottom navbar are hidden now by setting display to fullscreen in the PWAs manifest file, which is parsed at installation time. (hope that this was a good decision, if not open a github issue)

    08.04.2022  vAmigaWeb v2.0 Beta 2

    updated to latest vAmigaCore
    various small bugfixes

    27.03.2022  vAmigaWeb v2.0 Beta 1 Update3

    support for .hdf files Amiga HardDriveFiles (works also when compressed in a zip file)
    fixed bugs in ActionButtons

    20.03.2022  vAmigaWeb v2.0 Beta 1 Update2

    updated to latest vAmigaCore
    color scheme settings
    layer stencil settings for sprites and playfields
    sprite infos available in javascript for use in action buttons
    working aimbot for Freefalls Archon which uses these sprite infos

    16.03.2022  vAmigaWeb v2.0 Beta 1

    updated to latest vAmigaCore
    new gpu shader renderer more speed on slow devices like iPadAir2 and nicer display of interlace resolution
    setting for automatic mapping of used amiga screen space to host display

    24.01.2022  vAmigaWeb v1.1 Beta 8

    updated to latest vAmigaCore

    01.01.2022  vAmigaWeb v1.1 Beta 7

    updated to latest vAmigaCore

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